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Tyra possessed by Sunka by JigenSuzuki
Tyra possessed by Sunka
Tyra possessed by Sunka. Her hair has changed a little bit more like hers. 
Summary of 2014 by JigenSuzuki
Summary of 2014
Decided to make my own Template since I posted for only five months.
February: Tyra Front and Side for 3D model
April: Tyra 3D model. Gonna make a full sized one
May: Tyra sketch sitting down with her sword.
June: A water bottle "La Aqua" that I made.
October: AATR thing I took forever to draw of my team: Black Jack, Tyra, and Aurora Clay.

Loadout for Duel by JigenSuzuki
Loadout for Duel
Finally up, I challenge :iconcrazyshiro: to a AATR style battle finally doe.

Name: Black Jack
Age: Unknown
Species: Manifestation of the darkness inside of Terry Hiderno.
Gender: Male mostly
Height: 6"       
Skin: Gray and Dark Red
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Red
Fighting Style: Vicious Fists(able to throw thousands of powerful punches in a instant and says Black Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack ) and throws people.
Abilities/Special Moves: Super Strength and Speed, Latch(able to hide in others), Self Preservation able to protect the person he latch's to without them knowing, Human Nun Chuck(wings a person around like a the weapon), and Bullet Throw(Throws people as fast as a bullet). Orb Beam(A fire bolt beam from the orb in his chest).
Personality: Manipulative, Pessimistic, Reliable, and Overdoes things.

Name: Tyra Michelle Bethamore
Age: 18
Species: Superhuman/Necrolite(2nd generation demon infected human)
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9"
Skin: Light Brown
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Light Pink
Fighting Style: Improvised Tae Kwon Do, Rising Dragon Jeet Kune Do, and Brazilian Ju Jitsu.
Abilities/Special Moves: Super Strength and Speed, rotation axis teleport(teleports around someone but about 2 feet away on the x,y,z axis), hip attack(hip bumps opponent), red blast(must make contact with someone in order for it to work deals a small amount of damage depending on the force of the strike and she can also do poke versions of it) and Ice Breaker(Tyra sticks her sword into the ground and a wave of ice shards launches toward her opponent). SkyScrapper Bullet: uses psychic power to launch a make a bullet out of a skyscrapper and launch it spinning towards her enemy.
Personality: Spunky, Sarcastic, Reliable, observant, and a Genius.

Name: Aurora Clay
Age: 31
Species: Witch
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 5"
Skin: light tan   
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Fighting Style: Ballet and Gymnastics
Abilities/Special Moves: Black Magic(Void, lighting, fire, and water), enhances magic with weapons and character, grants flight(for 5 minutes), summon demons, and white magic(heal to a certain degree external wounds but restricted from healing internal wounds)
Personality: Sharp, Smart, Precise, genius when it comes to magic and summoning, and a bookworm.

Name: Troy Elder
Age: 24
Species: human
Height: 6'
Skin: Brown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts and some Kempo
Abilities/Special Moves: Hard Worker????
Personality:  Pessimistic sometimes, somewhat obsessed with his original characters,  quiet, random, awkward, bad at small talk, somewhat afraid of conflict, consents to things before he knows what he is getting into, and friendly.

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